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Top Benefits of Plastic Postcard Mail Marketing

Top Benefits of Plastic Postcard Mail Marketing

There is no question that plastic postcards and direct mail are the most effective customer acquisition marketing strategies for specific audiences for a number of reasons. In the digital age, by combining direct mail functionality with exquisite plastic postcards, businesses can enjoy the advantage of better audience impact and amazing results.

The increase in the use of plastic postcard mailersis not a new phenomenon. To uncover how plastic postcards work in improving the effectiveness of direct mail, please go through the benefits of plastic postcards discussed below.

Why Use Plastic Postcard Direct Mailers?

Why do companies like plastic postcards and direct mail for communication? According to the Direct Mail Association (DMA), 65% of consumers make purchases due to a deep and intuitive impression that handling of tangible items that remains on people’s minds.

What sending postcard direct mail marketing method involve is sending promotional materials to consumers’ homes via courier services, which is a unique way of sending messages to target audiences, offer and encourage promotional activities. Let’s look at the features and benefits of plastic postcard direct mail marketing.

Characteristics of Plastic Postcards

Companies are always looking for ways to make their brand visible. The response rate for plastic postcards reached a staggering 24%, owing to the great visual impact it offers. They are simple templates suitable for marketing objectives and can capture the essence of every business. The plastic postcard design process includes: choosing the ideal size, using variable data printing, correlation, color, image search, concise formatting, and ensuring a clear call to action.

Plastic Postcard Benefits

Plastic postcards have a lot of benefits due to which they are increasingly used as a great promotional item in all types of businesses. Here are some common advantages of using plastic postcard mailers:

Attracting Attention

Full-color digital printing by professional printing companies can include well-structured information, feature descriptions, benefits, special offers, discounts, location, and contact information in an eye-catching way. Manufacture plastic postcards that pop, with a high gloss laminate finish to resist abrasion from postal processing equipment and ensure complete business information.

The information can be sent to the target destination in good condition, thus reducing the chances of the product getting damaged due to travel obstacles.

Custom made clear plastic postcards have a unique and realistic feel that makes the brand stand out, thus increasing retention. Simple and easy-to-use custom settings can bring unlimited changes, making it easy to transport.


Ordinary plastic postcards are suitable for all businesses who wish to establish reservation request, special announcements, opening of established new businesses. The direct mail advertising and marketing functions can be customized via direct mail, including embedded images, addresses, and barcodes to ensure mail can be sent directly to target customers via the following methods: express, post office, fax, or email. These channels eliminate the need to hire intermediaries and promote distribution and direct contact.


Today’s direct mail plastic cardsuse magnetic stripe encoding to ensure they reach their destination safely. You can measure, track the sent emails easily.

Mapping and Analysis

Direct Mail refines data and sends unlimited emails to audience segments, including geographic destination mailboxes and mapping.

The above functions can conclude that direct mail marketing and plastic postcard advertising is indispensable as it can bring countless benefits to small and large businesses. With so many wonderful benefits of plastic postcard mailers, it’s hard to follow why you wouldn’t want to reap its amazing benefits. If you are looking for a reliable source for designing and manufacturing unique plastic postcard mailers for your business, you can always turn to us for the best products.

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