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Tips to use the kitchen and outdoor chimneys effectively | Fireplaces with wood stove

Tips to use the kitchen and outdoor chimneys effectively | Fireplaces with wood stove

There are various places where we end up cooking for different reasons. It is important for you to know certain places where you need to be extra careful while cooking. Most of the people prefer using chimneys in both outdoor and indoor areas because a proper ventilation and smoke exit channel can help you save from unwanted accidents.

Some of the best kitchen chimney brands can help you pick the right product without compromising on the price and the quality. Glen kitchen chimneys have a beautiful set of features that can be installed in indoor areas comfortably.

Some of the common places where you need to be careful


A few fireplaces have an iron door, called an ash dump, that is located in the hearth of the fireplace. This door leads to an open space below the fireplace called the ash pit. You probably have an ash dump or cleanout door.

After the ashes have cooled completely, which can take up to 24 hours, you can put them in the ash pit. This will save you the effort of carrying them over the Persian rug. If you are feeling so inclined, you may open the cleanout doors and empty the ash pit.

It is dusty work. Use a respirator. Hire a chimney professional to clean your chimney. They will use a powerful vacuum that can filter out small particles. You don’t have to rush cleaning it because the average ash pit can hold ashes for many decades.

Do not shovel any live coals into an ash pit. Combustible materials such as plywood and 2×4’s can be left in the pit during construction.

For fireplaces without an ash pit and for wood stoves:

Place the ashes in a container made of metal. Then, take them outside and place them in a can that has a tight seal on it. Hot ashes, even if stored in a metal container, can cause many home fires each year. Hot ashes can stay hot for a very long time. Keep them out of direct sunlight and away from any combustibles.

Woodburner’s gloves can be used to help you light the fire and protect your hands. Good quality gloves will allow you to reach into the fire to move a log in an emergency.

A wood carrier is a tool that can be used to transport the wood from the pile to your living room. A wood carrier is a large fabric or leather sling that has handles and allows you to transport an armload of wood without having to drop logs or scatter wood chips all over the place. For extra cleanliness, some are made to look like large bags. An indoor wood supply can be kept safe and tidy by a sturdy wooden rack at the hearth.

Make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy just in case. A chimney fire extinguisher is another type of safety device. It looks like a large road flare. You can use a chimney fire to light it. The chimney fire will then emit a lot of smoke which will suffocate the chimney fire. Ask for details at your local stove shop, or ask your chimney professional.

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